I am a Multimedia Specialist at Penn State and split my time between the Department of Entomology and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences. My background is in Visual Art. I have spent many years in Information Technology, helping to make enterprise web applications more user-friendly. I have recently returned to my roots and am creating science figures, illustrations, and animations.

Science has been taking a hit in the public’s mind. I am committed to supporting science and research through art and illustration. I aim to make visuals that are appropriate for the domain that they are in, as well as able to inform and create interest outside of post-secondary education. Attracting new and diverse talent in science is critical. High-quality visuals help the mission to promote science and inspire others.

I aim to improve the speed and quality of plant and animal illustrations and bring my 2D work to life using Cinema4D. Additionally, enhancing my biology knowledge will improve my interactions with people in the sciences. I am grateful for being able to work with the Frost Entomological Museum regularly and assist them with their goals of promoting research and education. The Field Guide to Common Plant Galls of the Mid-Atlantic (doi:10.26207/qxyp-rr50) is one of our most significant accomplishments and is used to create other field guides. And I certainly enjoy making stickers out of the illustrations that I make for faculty and students. Seeing them on computers, water bottles, and sometimes elevators–oops–brings me great joy.

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